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CUVÉE Magazine No.1 puts a spotlight on the region of Champagne and it's uncountable stories of effervescence.

Being at the center of attention in the sparkling wine range, Champagne has a lot more to reveal than a few bubbles for celebratory occasions. Its rich history dates back to ancient times and still leaves traces in daily life of modern Champagne.

CUVÉE uncorks numerous bottles of champagne throughout the first issue, together with their producers, to tell the remarkable stories of their provenance and the people who have marked them. 



One Letter Legend
How wines of one single grape, one single village and one single year turned into the icon cuvée of Champagne Salon

Antidote with Mystical Numbers
Jean-Hervé Chiquet of Champagne Jacquesson on turning the frustration over champagne standardization into the creation of Cuvée 700

The Human Effect
Hervé Jestin, oenologist, flying winemaker and pioneer in biodynamics, on the relationship between men, vines and wine

Reviving Memories of Forgotten Grapes
Benoît Tarlant of Champagne Tarlant on the capricious old grapes of Champagne 

Mixing Up Old-Fashioned Habits
Thibaud Brocard of Champagne Pierre Brocard on the goals and ambitions of the young generation of winegrowers

Soft Chalk and Creamy Fizz
Aurélie Barrat of Champagne Barrat-Masson on the typicity of chardonnay from the Côte de Sézanne

Family Business 
Michel Drappier of Champagne Drappier on his multi-generation business and his successful Brut Nature champagne 

Gardening Vines in the Massif de Saint-Thierry
Francis Boulard of Champagne Francis Boulard on biodynamic winegrowing in the northernmost terroirs of Champagne

Nourishing Effervescence for Body & Soul
Benoît Marguet of Champagne Marguet on his spiritual approach to create champagne that nourishes the soul and body

Shaping the Taste of Champagne 
Philippe Jamesse, Head-Sommelier at Les Crayères, on the difficulty of finding the right shape of glass

Reinventing Culinary Heritage
Philippe Mille, Chef De Cuisine at Les Crayères, on the effort of capturing culinary identity

In Bubbly Company
Inspirational Champagne & Food Pairing Recipes

... and other stories



  • 128 pages in full color with intriguing imagery and a contemporary layout
  • Offset-printed on a mix of uncoated and coated papers of highest quality for the sophisticated paper lover
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  • Language: English
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